Uncertainty rises on dispute over votes in two critical states

The run for the White House between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden entered its final phase, but uncertainty remains high.

Biden predicted his victory after lead in two critical US states, Michigan and Wisconsin, as polls show that his lead increased to 243 electoral votes against Trump’s 213, but Trump alleged fraud, filed lawsuit and demanded recount of votes in these states.

Trump’s campaign tries to undermine the credibility of the voting process and keep his chances alive, with the demand for a Wisconsin recount as well as lawsuit in Michigan and Pennsylvania,

Republicans asked the US Supreme Court to ensure that late-arriving ballots will not be permitted, as the claimed several cases of counting votes which arrived after polls were closed.

On the other side, Biden said that every vote must be counted, and no one is ever going to take democracy away from them.

Other closely contested states, including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina, were still counting votes, leaving national election outcome uncertain.