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Bears pause above psychological 1.20 support

The Euro bounces on Thursday, as bears faced headwinds from psychological 1.20 support and taking a breather above pivotal 1.2000/1.1973 support zone (psychological / top of thick daily cloud).
Upticks should be ideally capped by 100DMA / Fibo 38.2% of 1.2149/1.1985 pullback (1.2048) to keep bears from 1.2149 (Apr 29 high) intact.
Caution on firm break of 1.2048 that would ease downside pressure and allow for stronger recovery.

Res: 1.2065; 1.2075; 1.2093; 1.2126
Sup: 1.2000; 1.1985; 1.1973; 1.1943