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Bears get trapped but recovery attempts lack momentum

The pair bounces on Monday, following several failures to break below thin daily cloud (bears were contained by 200SMA, currently at 14.24) that signal possible reversal after bears were trapped just below daily cloud.
Reversal of daily slow stochastic from oversold zone adds to positive signals, however, fresh recovery attempts see minimum requirement on break and close above 55SMA (14.41) to signal basing and open way for further recovery.
On the other side, bearish momentum remains strong and keeps the downside vulnerable, especially on failure to clear 55SMA that would keep the price action in consolidation between 200 and 55SMA’s, but biased lower.

14.41; 14.44; 14.56; 14.59
Sup: 14.29; 14.24; 14.19; 14.13