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Dips are expected to precede attack at key Fibo barrier

Bulls are taking a breather on Tuesday after hitting new highest level in nearly two years (1.1781).
Extension of last week’s strong rally (2.1%) approached key Fibo barrier at 1.1822 (61.8% of 1.2555/1.0635), but overextended daily techs suggest consolidative / corrective action before attack.
Overall technical picture remains firmly bullish with converged 10/200WMA’s on track to form golden cross and additionally support the action.
Dips are expected to offer better buying opportunities and should be contained by supports at 1.1670/30 zone, provided by ascending hourly cloud and reinforced by rising 5DMA.
Only break and close below 1.1595 (broken 50% of 1.2555/1.0635) would sideline bulls for stronger corrective action and risk extension towards 1.1422 (former top / rising 20DMA).

Res: 1.1773; 1.1781; 1.1822; 1.1848
Sup: 1.1670; 1.1655; 1.1630; 1.1595