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Strong support from Hispanic communities boosts Trump’s re-election hopes

President Trump’s narrow victory in Florida, in which he outperformed results from 2016, boosts his chances of re-election, as wave of support from Hispanic voters helped to win.

Trump’s rhetoric’s in which he frequently painted Biden as socialist or even radical left, brought him votes from largest, strongly anti-left oriented big Cuban and Venezuelan communities.

Trump also took Latino’s support for Democrats in Texas and got a higher support from non-white voters on national level, in comparison to 2016 results that partially offsets a decline in support among whites, as support for Trump this year rose by three points among Latinos and 15 points among older ones, while support from Black voters, age 30 to 44, increased by 11 points.

Increase of support from Hispanic community comes despite Trump’s harsh stance on immigration and treatment of asylum-seekers – a hallmark of his presidency.

Biden needs victories in other states to win the election, but if he loses, a good part of blame can be laid on his failure to engage with Latino voters.