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The House passes President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill

After nearly two months of negotiations, since President Joe Biden first unveiled his American Rescue Plan, the US House of Representatives finally gave green light to one of the largest economic stimulus measures in American history.

The Democratic-controlled chamber passed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on a 220/211 vote, without any support from Republicans and sent it to the president for its signature, with announcement from the White House that President Biden plans to sign the bill on Friday.

This is Biden’s major political victory since he took the office that points to his influence over a Democrat’s control of Congress, although with a narrow margin, but strong divide between Democrats and Republicans over the bill suggests that Biden will face difficulties in enacting the longer-term, multi-trillion dollar economic program he plans later this year.

The top Democratic officials expressed strong optimism, describing this as a historic day for the US and the beginning of the end COVID-19 depression, as passage of the legislation was a pivotal day for the US economy and would speed up its recovery.

On the other side, Republicans said that the plan was wrong, coming at the wrong time, as the worst phase of the largest public health crisis in a century has largely passed and the economy is headed towards rebound, however they admitted that it will help small businesses to survive the pandemic and keep their employees on the payroll.

The program will provide a direct payment of $1400 to the most of Americans, expected to start in a coming days, new health insurance subsidies and child-tax credits and extension of supplemental unemployment benefits of $300 per week into September.

State and local governments and troubled union pensions and funds will be supported by $360 billion, while the program also focuses on speeding up vaccinations and school re-openings.


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