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The US presidency is still undecided as many states count votes

President Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden both still have possible paths to reach the needed 270 Electoral College votes to win the election, as states keep counting votes.

The election hung in the balance, with a number close-fought states to decide the outcome in coming hours or days, although Donald Trump falsely claimed victory and made allegations of electoral fraud and Biden said he is confident of winning.

Opinion polls during the campaign gave Biden a strong lead, but the race in battleground states proved to be much tighter and the vote did not produce quick victory as Biden hoped for.

The three ‘blue wall’ states – Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – that sent trump to the White House in 2016, remained too close to call.

Trump holds lead in two Southern states – Georgia and North Carolina – but Biden’s victory in either one would reduce Trump’s chances.

Biden’s pathway to the White House could widen if he wins Arizona, while holding Nevada and winning Wisconsin and Michigan, even if he loses Pennsylvania, could secure the presidency.

Trump’s most likely way goes through Pennsylvania, as victory in this state will secure re-election if he also wins the Southwestern states and win at least one in the Midwest.

The next president will face a tough job on mounting coronavirus cases, as the virus already killed more than 230,000 Americans, devastated the economy and left millions jobless, with political climate being marked by racial tensions and polarization.