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USDJPY remains directionless and ranging between 10/30 SMA’s

The pair remains in directionless mode for the second day as Friday’s trading ended in Doji candle and action in early Monday holding in a narrow range.
Price action is capped under 10SMA (113.78) which marks the upper pivot and supported by rising 30SMA at 113.19 (lower trigger), with break of either side needed for initial direction signal.
Underlying bulls remain in play for fresh attempts through 114.00 while 30SMA and 112.95 support (31 Oct trough) contain.
Otherwise, increased risk of deeper pullback could be expected on break and close below 112.95.

Res: 113.78; 114.06; 114.45; 114.73
Sup: 113.33; 113.19; 112.95; 112.50