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Brent oil rallies after Saudi said ok for rise above $80

Brent oil accelerated strongly higher on Tuesday, bringing psychological $80 barrier in focus again (after last week’s attempt stalled at $80.10) after Saudi Arabia agreed with short-term price rise and said they are comfortable with Brent price above $80.
The global oil markets remains tight, with looming US sanctions on Iran (due to go into effect on 4 November, with Iran’s crude exports already falling) maintaining concerns about supply.
Bullishly aligned daily techs are still lacking momentum which could cause another failure at $80 zone, despite supportive fundamentals, as plethora of strong barriers above $80 (former highs at $80.10 and $80.48), could provide strong headwinds and delay bulls.
Scenario of repeated rejection at $80 zone could keep the price within initial range between $80.10 and $77.36, while loss of $77.36 handle would risk deeper pullback and put immediate bulls on hold.
Conversely, sustained break above $80.00/48 pivots would open way towards next key barrier at $81.84 (Fibo 61.8% of larger $115.68/$27.09 fall).

Res: 80.10; 80.48; 81.00; 81.84
Sup: 78.55; 77.48; 77.35; 75.87