Bulls hold grip but may face increased headwinds at key Fibo barrier

The Euro rose further in early trading on Tuesday, signaling that bulls remain fully in play, despite a double-Doji in past two days which pointed to indecision.

Fresh bullish extension cracked important Fibo resistance at 1.1274 (61.8% of 1.2349/0.9535), but may face strong headwinds, due to significance of barrier, as well as very overbought daily studies.

Failure to break higher on first attempt would signal that bulls might be losing traction and need to consolidate before resuming, with firm break of 1.1274 pivot to open way for extension towards lower platform at 1.1490 zone (Jan/Feb 2022)

Dips should find support above former top (1.1095) to keep bias with bulls.

1.1274; 1.1300; 1.1380; 1.1447
Sup: 1.1200; 1.1153; 1.1095; 1.1077