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Russia – Ukraine War

Conflict in Ukraine extends into fifth day, claiming dozens of lives, hundreds thousand flee the country.

President Putin puts Russia’s strategic forces on high alert.

Western world imposes more sanctions against Russia and squeezes Russian economy.

Russia faces major disruptions to oil and commodities flows without SWIFT.

Russian central bank scrambles to contain fallout of tough sanctions.

Europe and Canada move to close skies to Russian planes.

Neutral Switzerland poised to freeze Russian assets.

UK Human Rights Council to hold an urgent debate about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Delegations from Russia and Ukraine are expected to meet today for talks on the Ukraine-Belarus border.




Safe-haven flows dominate at the beginning of the week, as geopolitical tensions escalate after Russia put deterrence forces, including nuclear arms at the highest threat level.

The US dollar and gold rose in early Monday on safe-haven buying.

The Euro, British pound, Australian dollar opened with gap-lower on Monday, but managed to regain traction and prevent deeper fall.

Crude oil rose on fresh uncertainty, WTI hit $99 per barrel in early Asian trading on Monday, while Brent oil rose above $101.

Global stocks opened lower on Monday on Fresh risk aversion, but losses were so far limited.

Bitcoin firmed after opening lower on Monday and holding away from last week’s low, posted after Russia attacked Ukraine.