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Turkish lira likely to fall further following no significant impact from ultra-high interest rates

USDTRY- fresh advance after a shallow correction reclaims 33 mark and comes close to new record high at 33.13, posted on June 25.
Lira remains under strong pressure, mainly due to high inflation (over 70%) and big trade deficit, with sharp rise in borrowing cost by CBRT in recent months (currently at 50%) so far unable to shore up weakening Turkish currency.
Technical studies are firmly bullish on all larger timeframes, with shallow corrections expected to precede fresh rallies, as long as fundamentals remain negative for lira.
Moves into uncharted territory to expose targets marked by Fibo projections at 33.29, 33.38 and 33.54.

Res: 33.00; 33.13; 33.29; 33.38
Sup: 32.85; 32.77; 32.62; 32.46