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Bulls pause on month-end flows

The Euro eases from new 19-week high (1.2266) on Wednesday, weighed by increased demand for the dollar at the end of the month and dovish comments from ECB officials that also push German yields lower.
Larger uptrend remains intact with current easing seen as positioning for final push towards 2021 high (1.2349).
Broken Fibo 76.4% barrier at 1.2197 and rising 10DMA at 1.2187 mark good supports which are expected to protect the downside and guard pivotal trendline support (1.2152).
Only break here would put larger bulls on hold for deeper pullback.

Res: 1.2266; 1.2283; 1.2300; 1.2349
Sup: 1.2217; 1.2197; 1.2187; 1.2152